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We promote efficiency, modernization and regulatory compliance of documentary and business processes;
through high performance methodologies and open platforms.

Alfresco Services

Information flow design

  • Gathering proceses information
  • Modeling of information flows between actors.

Document Management Software Implementation

  • Modeling of information flows between actors
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Technological and functional support

Towards an electronic document management strategy.

  • Basic diagnosis of regulatory and operational compliance
  • Action plan for strategy implementation

Customizations tailored to your organization.

  • We customize the software to suit your organization so that it meets the most demanding requirements.
    regulatory and operational

Our Methodology










Alfresco for Document Management



Advanced Search Engine

Instant search with suggestions based on content, categorization and metadata of documents and folders.

Smart folders to structure information according to its characteristics and not according to how it is saved.

Integration of Content and Processes

Generic processes simplify the review and approval processes, while custom processes can structure and expedite any activity related to the documentary process.

Folder rules automate processes for repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Security of Essential and Sensitive Content

Multiple layers of access – for sites, folders and files – allow you to control who can view, modify and delete documents.

Document versioning, including the option to recover previous versions immediately, simplifies the traceability and protection of information.

Simple and automatic records management allows you to strengthen and comply with the document management program.

Our Solutions


  • Specialized in processes where the document is the main unit of information.

  • Modeling of workflows.

  • Technologies designed with international standards that help regain control of critical business content, strengthen regulatory compliance, optimize processes, and facilitate collaboration.
  • Investments scalable to 0 paper strategies.

  • There are no technology licensing costs.

  • They support compliance with Resolution 8934 of 2014 of the Superindustry regarding document management.

Alfresco for Corporate Collaboration

Team collaboration

Wiki pages, discussion forums, project blogs, web links, allow sharing ideas and managing knowledge among team members.

Alerts on the site dashboard let you know who modified which file and when.

Integrated processes and tasks allow the team to know the flow of document review and approval.


Empowerment among peers

Comments on content facilitates collaboration and feedback.

“Favorites” allow quick access to important content, and “likes” allow you to identify useful files.

Share Essential and Sensitive Content

Public document links allow you to eliminate the need to send emails between organizations.

Process Management in Alfresco

Integration of Contents and Processes

Metadata-based rules can be used to automatically start processes through a workflow.

Through workflow monitoring panels, productivity is increased.

Customized workflows allow you to structure and formalize the step-by-step processes of organizations.

Alfresco Analytics

Allows you to analyze the activity on the repository by users, types of content,

metadata for dynamic or static reports (pdf, excel, etc)

It has generic dashboards, but free analytics and custom dashboards can be generated.

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